Bi-Fold Windows

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors designed for residential use are a relatively new concept in this country but are proving very popular due to the extremely large openings that can be achieved. The very first folding doors that we call bi-fold were actually from a long long time ago as excavations in Pompeii have revealed, made out of wood with no glass they were not exactly a style icon of the time but merely a way of closing off a wide opening.

The ultra modern slimline Aluminium HeatGuard version is exactly the opposite.
Instead of closing off an area they give the ability to open up an area fully and even when closed offer an unhindered feeling of light and space with a picture framed view into the garden. High performance glazing and cutting edge engineering take care of the insulation, reliability and security, whilst the computer designed specification and incorporating bespoke elegant handles and hardware takes care of the aesthetics.

Almost any combination of hinged and folded leafs is possible with no limits on width. They can fill the whole wall of a room if required, truly connecting the inside to the outside 12 months of the year come rain or shine.

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