Composite Doors

Composite Doors

Exactly what is a Composite Door? This is a question we hear on a regular basis, well put simply a composite door is purely a door made of a composition of different materials.

What those materials are vary tremendously from company to company. UPVC, Aluminium, GRP Steel and even wood......Yes, you read it correctly, even wood.

As you surely can appreciate the range of materials used has an immense influence on the basic integrity of the door. Choose wrongly and you can end up spending a lot of money on a door. That is possibly worse than the one it replaces.

Some supposed composite doors are indeed nothing more than a sheet of soft wood block board with a plastic skin glued to each side, some are so flimsy that they warp in the sun and some fade so badly that people have had to resort to getting the brushes out and giving them a lick of paint, not what you would call maintenance free!
You won't find any of this with a HeatGuard Composite Door. All of our doors are engineered to do the job that they are designed for. Fully insulated, draught proof, totally secure and beautiful to look at.

A HeatGuard Composite Door utilises all the right materials in all the right places, high efficiency glazing with the most secure locks and hardware found anywhere in Europe.

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