Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Your comfort and security is paramount to us, so we insist on the best products in all of our installations. We are confident that any Patio Door fitted by us will not only suite the property type or style but will also be a strong well built constructed door that will enhance the security of your property, giving you total peace of mind.

Sliding Patio Doors offer an efficient way of separating one area from another whilst maintaining the light levels and taking up minimal space. Whether fitted between a lounge and conservatory or a dining room and the Garden, a sliding patio door provides the ultimate view from one space to another. This is possible due to the extremely large panes of glass used in their construction. The downside of this is that many patio doors leak heat at an incredible rate making the room cold and uncomfortable through much of the year Not so with a high efficiency HeatGuard patio door. The most highly rated sealed unit technology ensures maximum insulation without hindering light transmission.

Rear patio doors are loved by many people but non more so than the burglar. Break ins through rear patio doors are only to common. Flimsy framework and locks are the usual problem, many older or low spec patio doors have locks designed and made from low quality Amalgam metals and simply collapse & break when put to the test. HeatGuard patio doors as with all our other products utilise the most robust security systems on the market, so that they both keep the heat in and keep the intruder out. Only the light passes unhindered

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