Sash Windows

Sash Windows

Your comfort and security is paramount to us, so we insist on the best products in all of our installations. We are confident that any windowt fitted by us will not only suite the property type or style but will also be a strong well built constructed window that will enhance the security of your property, giving you total peace of mind.

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows have a unique period look that you dont get with any other design, harking back over 300 years. Their origin is unknown but believed to have been invented either in the Netherlands or here in Britain. Where the oldest surviving examples date back to the 1670's.

Although very stylish, timber sash windows have many drawbacks, often draughty, difficult to clean and maintain and worst of all they offered little in the way of security.

The fitting of an ordinary modern casement type window in place of a sliding sash solves all these problems but at a cost. That cost is the appearance and period feel of a property.

Most sliding sashes were fitted to houses built specifically for the proportions of that type of window ie: narrow and tall. So conventional casement will quite often look out of place, especially when designed to comply with today's mandatory building regulations, regarding fire escapes etc.

HeatGuard have the perfect answer - the bespoke UPVC Vertical slider combines both efficiency of the modern whilst at the same time protecting the architectural integrity of your period property.

The options available for this 'modern' UPVC traditional sash window are too numerous to list

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