Bay Windows

Bay Windows

Bay Windows became popular in England after the 1894
London 'Building Act' changed the regulations so that domestic
windows no longer had to be flush with the wall.

In more modern times houses with bay windows are a common site with a boom in this design during the 1930's - 1960's offering the homeowner and attractive look to the front of their house whilst providing extra internal space and light.

Over the years most timber bay windows have been replaced with UPVC frames and double glazing of some description. Unfortunately however, a lot of these supposed 'upgrades' have failed to deliver on many fronts. Even today poorly designed and structurally weak UPVC bays are still being installed by some poorly qualified window companies.

Here at HeatGuard things are done differently, every bay we install is designed and constructed to be both attractive and structurally sound with hidden slim line alloy reinforcing to support the weight from above, plus fully welded exterior cills and a choice of decorative profiles and finished to enhance the beauty of your home.

As ever, with HeatGuards attention to detail and total satisfaction is guaranteed.

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