Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Standard and UPVC Casement windows are the traditional type of window fitted to most UK Homes. They can be designed in a variety of styles and designs and offer exceptional versatility and practicality.

Flat side or top hinged casement UPVC windows have been the most popular type of window chosen by IK home owners for the past 30 years. Back in the mid 1980's UPVC double glazed casement windows were considered 'cutting edge' and were an aspirational luxury for most households.

These days UPVC casements have become a standard fitment, however over those 30 years the technology has moved on and the very latest technically advanced HeatGuard range of casement windows is not only more efficient, secure and more beautifully engineered than those of yesteryear, they are also considered superior to most others manufactured in the UK today.

What makes a HeatGuard window better than the rest can be put down to both the highest quality of materials/components and equally to the fastidious attention to detail from design and manufacture through to installation, that are employed to provide our customers with the absolute very best products from start to finish.

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