French Windows

French Windows

Your security is paramount to us, so we insist on the best products in all of our installations.
We are confident that any door product fitted by us will not only suite the property type or style but will also be a strong well built constructed door that will enhance the security of your property, giving you added peace of mind.

The modern double door known as the French door owes its design to the Italian Renaissance style of architecture that became popular in France during the mid 16th century. Focused on proportion and symmetry and placing emphasis on light. These window like doors with full height glass panels provided maximum natural illumination long before the discovery of electricity and the invention of the light bulb in 1879.

Today the basic function of the doors remains the same combing an elegant means of passing from house to garden and providing maximum natural light into the home throughout the day.

A bespoke HeatGuard French door when installed in your home, not only provides all the desirable light, elegance and accessibility of those from the past but it does so much more, it brings an added sense of space and style to any room without compromising warmth, comfort and security.

A HeatGuard French door differs from most of its contemporaries not so much in its looks although it uses the beautiful uniformly sculptured frame exclusive to the HeatGuard range, but for its unrivalled performance and reliability along with the superlative HeatGuard customer service no nonsense guarantee, it is the perfect package for a perfect home.

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