Triple glazing

Triple Glazing

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When it comes to stopping heat escaping from your home and keeping out unwanted nuisances such as noise and draughts the benefits of double glazing over single glazing are well documented.

With this in mind it's easy to appreciate the desirable improvements that are achieved by replacing double glazing with triple glazing.

Here in the UK double glazing has become the norm for just about all residential properties, but over in Scandinavia things are very different. Being a cooler part of the world they soon realised that double glazing didn't offer the level of insulation that their homes required and so triple glazing has been a standard fitment over there for many years.

Many years ago HeatGuard were the first company to introduce the people of Derbyshire to this 'Amazing' triple glazing as they developed a frame that could accept the wider triple glazed unit whilst still utilising an attractive slim line frame.
A Frame that takes up no more space than the usual double glazed equivalent.
FACT - HeatGuards triple glazing easily outperform and modern double glazing and can be designed to specifically combat noise as well as heat loss.

Over the years HeatGuard have installed hundreds of triple glazed windows and demand is growing fast as news of the benefits spread from person to person, friend to friend and neighbour to neighbour!;

All domestics windows in the UK have been rated by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) since 2004. In recent years, both Certass and the BSI have also set up their own window rating systems, which means window manufacturers have a greater choice of which certification body they would prefer to register with.

The rating is based on the energy efficiency levels achieved by the manufacturer, rather than each individual window unit. The WER ratings range from A++ to G with the minimum rating required being C. Different factors like U value (rate of heat loss), G value (solar energy transmittance) and L value (air leakage) as well as R-value (resistance to heat transference) are measured to arrive at the WER.

Ensure that your windows are at least A+ rated. Only triple glazed windows achieve the BFRC A++ rating, proving their superior thermal efficiency.

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