uPVC Doors


Your comfort and security is paramount to us, so we insist on the best products in all of our installations.
We are confident that any uPVC door fitted by us will not only suite the property type or style but will also be a strong well built constructed door that will enhance the security of your property, giving you total peace of mind.

UPVC is not only the most popular material used for domestic windows, but it is the material used in the making of most residential doors. Simple construction, maintenance free and providing good levels of insulation and security.

UPVC has long been considered the ideal material to replace wood as the nations favourite type of door. As with most technologies the manufacture of UPVC Doors has evolved from basic low grade systems of years ago into the sturdy high grade ones available today.

Yes Modern high grade UPVC Doors are indeed available, however not all UPVC Doors are manufactured to the same standard. In a vain attempt to cut costs and maximize profits some companies are still producing the low spec items common place 25 years ago and passing them off as contempory products. Low grade UPVC, flimsy panels, cheap & weak locks etc. Be Aware!!

At HeatGuard we utilise the very latest components to ensure that a HeatGuard UPVC Door provides not only warmth and security but good looks, reliability and the peace of mind that only comes from dealing with a company an unrivalled reputation for quality and service.

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