Introducing The Guardian WarmRoof

The Guardian Warm Roof is a revolutionary step forward in home improvement. Unsurprisingly then, there are many compelling reasons to replace your existing conservatory roof.

The Guardian insulated Roof converts your conservatory into an ambient, much-needed space that can be used daily, all year round: nice and cool in the hot summer months and cosy and warm throughout the harsh winter thus making the Guardian solid tiled roof a serious contender for market leader

The HeatGuardian Warm Roof Sunroom is without doubt the easiest product on the eye in its class. From its contoured tiles to the low profile ridge and cappings.

This provides the perfect addition to any existing house type. Add to this the easy and speedy fitting of this roof and we get the only real option when seeking to build a new sunroom or convert an existing conservatory.

Constructed from patented innovative profiles and tested to the highest UK standards, the HeatGuardian Warm Roof sets the standard for the conservatory market for many years to come.

The more popular internal ceiling finish on most sunrooms would be the plasterboard painted white, this has a nice bright white finish to it allowing as much light to be bounced around the room as possible.

This finish would be the ideal solution in the case of a conservatory roof replacement as you have become so used to the amount of light from your glass or polycarbonate roof the white finish will go somewhat to bringing the light back into your home.
The white and timber internal finish of the Fakro window will have no problem standing up to the Plastered finish.

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Suits Any Shape Conservatory

  • Lean To
  • Edwardian
  • P Shaped
  • Victorian
  • Bespoke
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