Bow Windows

Bow Windows

Generally speaking, a bow window differs from a bay window in that it is only the actual window that projects out away from the building not the mason area underneath it.

This means that almost any flat window of sufficient width can be converted to a bow, providing an illusion of added space whilst enhancing the external character of the building.

If a bow window already exists then to get the benefits of a modern HeatGuard replacement is simply a case of changing the frames and is all completed within a day.

Options and extras

If there isn't a bow there already then HeatGuard can design, construct and install a bow windows to your exact requirements, again usually completed within the day, however occasionally a second visit is needed for any internal finishing and external detailing.

Flat bow conversions are very popular and HeatGuard have carried out many such conversions over the years, adding character and value to many local homes.

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