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Below are some questions some of our customers have asked us in the past that you may find of interest.

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4 How long does it take to install windows and doors?
4 This often depends on the condition of the site and how complicated it might be. Usually, a two-man team of fitters will complete three to six windows per day.

4 Do you have your own installation team fitting your windows?
4 Yes, we only use our own fully trained and accredited installers for all of our jobs.

4 How soon can you install my product?
4 Before you order anything from us, we will contact you (usually within a week) to discuss fitting our installation into your schedule. After receiving a confirmation of sale with a signed contract and cleared deposit, your installation will usually commence within two to three weeks for uPVC and 6 weeks for Conservatories with Bases. This can fluctuate a little from time to time depending on our suppliers and how many orders we are processing in any given week.

4 Do you dispose of the old windows after installation?
4 Yes, we always dispose of the old windows, glass and any rubbish that is left over from your installation. All recyclable material is recycled. We will also ensure that your home and property is vacuumed if required and protected with dust sheets to leave it as clean and tidy as it was before we arrived.

4 Will my carpets or tiles be affected by having a new door installed?
4Once we have seen the proposed site, either in person or by photo, we can give you more specific information about your project. However, we always aim to leave all premises in the same condition as when we arrived.

4 When removing window and door frames, will it affect any wiring or electrics in my home?
4 Most of the time, this isn’t an issue. If we come across wiring when we are installing for you, we will have to stop work (or continue in a safe area) and you will need a qualified electrician to make it safe for us to continue working. Or we can arrange this for you, but normally we see this in advance and bring the appropriate tradesmen to the job

4 Is it possible to order spare sets of keys or replacement keys?
4 For security and legal reasons, neither us nor our suppliers are allowed to keep copies of your keys. The best way to get additional keys is to see a locksmith. If you have lost your keys, you will need to purchase a new window handle (with new keys) or a new barrel for your door lock (with new keys) and have a locksmith fit and replace these for you.

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