Quality Window Repairs

We have been carrying out quality window repairs for years in and around Chesterfield for years.

Our most common repair is Misted or Fogged Sealed Units, we can replace these very quickly and simply, saving you money and trouble of replacing the complete window restoring your window back to its former glory.

Condensation between the glass, is likely to be a broken seal. The fog may come and go, but eventually the window will be permanently fogged.


Broken Window and Door Locks

Over time, handles on your windows and doors can become stiff and the locks can fail.
Another common issue is faulty hinges, resulting in windows that can’t open or close properly.

To make matters worse, purchasing a whole new window unit is not only expensive but a time-consuming ordeal.

Whatever type of Window or Door you have, we can replace handles of any style and colour to ensure you home keeps the same aesthetic. No matter how old your windows and doors are, we can give you peace of mind making your home safe and sound.

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A simple Repair that Changes Everything

We can replace a glazed unit from as little as £35 including VAT, installation and 10-year guarantee. We offer a FREE “No obligation” quotes; there are no minimum order values like other companies and there are no credit card charges either

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