What we do

Today, HeatGuard is a company that stands behind the products it offers, assuring your satisfaction for years to come. Back in 2006, The founder started selling products door-to-door.

The combination of personality, determnation and offering quality products met with great success, leading to the the business that exists today.

Products have changed a lot since then and so has HeatGuard Windows.

Innovative and inspired

If you live in the North Derbyshire, North Notts or South Yorkshire area, the chances are you have seen installing some windows, doors or conservatories for youe neighbours, or it could be you have seen our vans driving around Chesterfield.

Whichever it is, you may be asking yourself why are so many people choosing HeatGuard over the competition.

How we are locally known...

Trust, Quality Workmanship, Exceptional Customer Service and After Care is everything we believe in, racking up hundreds of testimonials on the hugely influential Trusted Trader website, is how we have become known as....

      The Local Company You Can Trust!


Technologically advanced products

Many years ago HeatGuard were the first company to introduce Triple Glazing to the people of Derbyshire, that utilised an amazing ultra thin attractive frame.

Now, we have introduced Guardian Warm Roofs, offering a revolutionary roof system that transforms conservatories into a flexible all year round living space.

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A question of Space & Vision


All you want is a beautiful new set of windows to make your home look as good as it can... all we want is your satisfaction and the knowledge that you are now one of our hundreds of happy customers